Repod is available on the Python Package Index (PyPi):

You can install the latest released version of repod by executing

pip install repod


Installing a wheel distributable (e.g. via pip install) does not create required directories for system-mode (see repod.conf), nor does it provide the man pages. Users requiring system-mode and downstream packagers should therefore use the provided Makefile for installation on a system level.

make build
make system-docs
make install


Installing repod automatically installs its dependencies as well.

A few optional dependencies offer different functionality over the defaults.


By default repod makes use of an internal implementation of vercmp. If pyalpm is detected it is used for version comparison instead.


By default repod makes use of python-magic for file type detection. If file-magic (provided by file) is detected, it is used instead.

Development environment

The repod project can be used from a git clone of the project, with the help of pdm.

git clone
cd repod
pdm install

Afterwards it is possible to make use of existing tooling with the help of pdm run (e.g. pdm run repod-file --help).