All notable changes to this project should be documented here. For more detailed information have a look at the git log.



  • A section in the documentation now provides a high-level introduction to how repod works as well as examples on how to add packages, write sync databases and use a repository with pacman.

  • Classes to allow transactional tasks with pre and post checks.

  • Write sync databases as part of a transaction.

  • The command repod-file repo importpkg now automatically creates symlinks in a subdirectory of a repository’s management repository from each package name to their respective pkgbase. This allows for easier search by package name.

  • Checks now ensure that when adding packages (update or new additions) their versions will be greater than already existing packages. The checks also consider changes to the pkgbase of a package (e.g. ensuring, that a previously existing pkgbase providing a package must be updated if a package’s pkgbase changes).

  • Validation of source URLs per pkgbase against one or several allowed URLs is now possible per repository and can be configured using repod.conf.

  • The command repod-file repo importpkg learned a new parameter (-u/ --source-url) with which users may provide lists of pkgbase=url strings, that - if matching - are combined with the data gained from consumed packages and is used for source URL validation.

  • The repod.conf man page now features information on how to configure debug repositories.

  • Symlinks in package and managment repositories, that belong to the previous versions of packages are now removed when updating packages.

  • When adding packages to a stability layer of a repository (e.g. stable, testing or staging), the layers above and below are checked, so that pkgbases in lower layers do not have a higher version and pkgbases in higher layer do not have lower versions than the one being added.

  • Checks now ensure that when adding packages the filename of the package and the package’s info name are the same.

  • By default repod-file now also creates an archive of all packages added to a repository. The archiving locations are configurable globally and per repository.

  • The existence of build requirements of added packages are checked by default now (in the archive, the target repository and amongst the added packages), unless build_requirements_exist is set to false in repod.conf. This check fails on missing requirements and thus ensures that added packages are fully reproducible.

  • Repositories can now be grouped together in the configuration, by assigning the same positive integer to them. Packages in grouped repositories are unique in the group (no duplicate pkgbase or pkgname is allowed). Furthermore grouped repositories share the same parent directory for all of their management repository directories, the same grandparent directory for all of their package repository directories, the same parent directory for all of their package pool directories and the same parent directory for all of their source pool directories.

  • A parser for .SRCINFO files can now be used to retrieve and validate data of these files. This is useful when validating data of packages against the data from their source repositories.

  • Documentation for tests now provide more context about the various helper functions and fixtures. A pydocstyle based linting of in-code documentation now ensures, that documentation follows a common style.

  • A logo for repod has been created by Safi @, which is licensed under the terms of the CC-BY-SA-4.0.


  • The command repod-file repo importpkg now uses transactional tasks, that are chained into an atomic action, which automatically reverts itself if any of the tasks fail.

  • The command repod-file repo importpkg is now able to import packages of differing pkgbase.

  • The command repod-file repo importpkg now automatically also writes the sync databases of the repository after adding packages.

  • The command repod-file repo writedb now writes the sync databases in a transaction.

  • The CLI now automatically checks whether all consumed packages match the target repository’s CPU architecture.

  • Type hints now use generics for the standard containers dict, list, set and tuple instead of the imports from typing.

  • Type hints now use the union operator | instead of Union and Optional.

  • The validation for package and signature filenames relied on regular expressions which proved too cumbersome to maintain and extend. The validation now relies on regular expressions only for the actual filenames and validation for absolute vs. relative paths relies on pathlib.Path.

  • The command repod-file repo writedb now allows writing empty sync databases from empty management repositories.

  • The definition of workflows (e.g. adding packages, writing sync databases) is now done in a separate module and is decoupled from the CLI.

  • The repod.conf man page now covers the management_repo configuration in greater detail.

  • The format field in .BUILDINFO files maps to a SchemaVersionV1 or SchemaVersionV2 rather than a FormatV1 or FormatV2. This provides a uniform approach to versioning objects across object types.

  • The configuration file now understands staging_debug and testing_debug options per package repository. Analogous to setting the debug repository name for the stable repository, identified by name, the new options are used to set the debug repository names for staging and testing repositories.

  • The configuration file now requires, that all directories except the package_pool and source_pool directories must be unique.


  • The parser for mtree files did not zerofill retrieved file modes and as mtree may return strings shorter than three chars as a file mode, this led to ValidationErrors when initializing MTree objects.

  • In the repod.conf man page, TOML inline tables had been used falsely as tables.

  • The library (magic) used for detecting the file type of a package file does not always return the correct type as its first match, this caused importing to fail, if the type was misdetected. All the detected types of the package file is now checked for a match.

[0.2.2] - 2022-08-29


  • The implementation of PkgInfoV2 was based on an early patch series towards pacman that had been superseded since. Instead of a top-level pkgtype attribute, PkgInfoV2 now tracks an optional set of extended/ extra data (xdata), which is in line with the implementation in pacman.


  • Return help strings instead of raising RuntimeError if no commands are provided to repod-file or any of its subcommands.

[0.2.1] - 2022-08-23


  • The justfile is now contained in the sdist tarball and fixed to install using a destination directory (destdir).

[0.2.0] - 2022-08-22


  • Man page for repod.conf.

  • Per repository debug repository handling in configuration layer and CLI.

  • Package verification based on pacman-key may be configured by setting the global configuration option package_verification to pacman-key.

  • A PackageDescV2 which removes the %PGPSIG% identifier in the desc files rendered from it. The default is still PackageDescV1 (which provides the %PGPSIG% identifier), but users may already try the new functionality using the syncdb_settings.desc_version option in repod.conf (see man 5 repod.conf).

  • The repod.repo.package.repofile module provides functionality for file operations on repository files (e.g. package files or package signature files). The RepoFile class allows moving, copying, symlinking and removing of files.

  • The repod-file repo importpkg subcommand which supersedes repod-file package import, while also implementing the addition of package files (and optionally their signatures) to a given repository’s package pool directory and creating the symlinks for them in the repository’s package repository directory.

  • A justfile for installing directories required for system mode and man pages.

  • The repod-file repo importdb, repod-file repo importpkg and repod-file repo writedb commands now accept a -a/ --architecture flag to define the target repository architecture, if repositories of the same name but differing CPU architectures exist.


  • Configuration layer is now used in the CLI and required directories for repositories and data are automatically created upon launching it. The configuration layer distinguishes between system-wide and per-user locations.

  • Extend OutputPackageBaseV1 with optional .BUILDINFO data retrieved from packages using the new OutputBuildInfo (and child classes). This adds a relevant subset of .BUILDINFO files to the management repository.

  • The repod-file subcommand management is renamed to repo and its subsubcommands import and export are renamed to importdb and writedb (respectively). The repod-file repo writedb command only accepts the name of the target repository and no target file anymore, as the repository sync database files are written to the binary package directory of the target repository.

  • The email validation done for the Packager model does not by default check for deliverability anymore. In the future this is supposed to become configurable.

  • The database compression of repositories can now only be set in the configuration file.


  • .PKGINFO values with equal signs are now handled correctly (e.g., equal signs in descriptions of optdepends entries).

  • The usersettings fixture no longer leaks test state into the user system.

  • The calculation of SHA-256 checksums for packages in repod.file.package.Package.from_file were not done correctly, because after a previous MD5 checksum calculation the package file was not read in its entirety.

  • Fix file mode validation for .MTREE files.

  • Fix path validation for .MTREE files.

  • The conversion of special characters in octal representation in the mtree files did not work for non-English unicode characters (e.g. cyrillic) and attempting to import packages that contain file names with such characters would fail.

  • Some of the online documentation did not reflect the current state of the CLI anymore, so all information for the repod-file has been consolidated with its man page.


  • The repod-file subcommand syncdb is removed due to being the reverse pendant to the management command.

  • The repod-file package import subcommand as it is superseded by repod-file repo importpkg.

[0.1.0] - 2022-07-02


  • Documentation on installation and dependencies.

[0.1.0-alpha1] - 2022-07-01


  • Functionality to validate package files in accordance with current versions of .BUILDINFO, .MTREE and .PKGINFO files.

  • Functionality to validate repository sync databases in accordance with current versions of desc and files files found in the default and files sync databases.

  • Functionality to describe the contents of repository sync databases in the context of a management repository consisting of JSON files per pkgbase.

  • Functionality to export JSON schema which can be used to validate existing functionality and data formats.

  • A self-validating configuration layer which will be used in upcoming versions of the project to allow configuration of a repod service.

  • The commandline utility repod-file to expose existing functionality for package inspection, data transformation and JSON schema export.

  • Documentation on internals of the project and the repod-file commandline utility.

  • Manual page for repod-file.